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I have been rebuilding shifters for almost 30 years and have always tried to keep the price reasonable. However, I have had to raise the price that I charge for standard overhaul. The price has increased to $289+$11 UPS return ground return shipping with insurance. The price increase is mainly due to cost of parts & materials, cleaning chemicals & supplies plus the natural gas heat for my shop. NOTE: standard rebuilds DO NOT include any chrome plating or cad plating. I offer an "upgraded" restoration service for any of the GM OEM "factory" Hurst shifters that includes a standard rebuild PLUS getting your arm rechromed. I also cad plate all the shifters parts (like Hurst did when they made these shifters over 35 years ago). I offer the services to restore any of the vintage shifters. (both 3 and 4 speed)

The new price for restoration of any year OEM Pontiac GTO Hurst shifter will now be $549 plus return shipping of $16. (East Coast) or 20$ (If you live west of the Mississippi river). Note: this price includes the 3 rubber grommets which were used on all '70 to '79 shifters and can also be used on the '67-'69 shifter as a replacement when the original heat vulcanized rubberized grommets that were originally used on those years are completely deteriorated.

GrommetsGrommets Addon


It is just like a brand new shifter when you get it back. NOTE: if the core you send in is rusty, damaged or missing parts, there may be an additional charge.  Keep this in mind when looking for a shifter to send to me. If the chrome arm is heavily rusted, gouged or has dents in it, better to pass on it and keep looking for a better one, if there is rust in the letters: "HURST" this may not be able to be rechromed, remember chrome plating old parts does not "hide" any defects, actually, if anything it makes them stand out more. I also have completely restored shifters for most years of GTOs available for sale, should you not want to have your car undriveable for any length of time.

It takes about two weeks plus time in UPS for standard rebuild. Three to four weeks for the deluxe service, estimated time may vary depending on how busy I am at the time. The only part that needs to be shipped to me is the shifter, I do not need any of the linkage.  All I need is your name, address, phone, etc. All this must be written out in a letter inside the box with your shifter.  I will also need check, money order, or Credit Card information for whatever shifter service you choose.

Precision Pontiac
2719 Columbus Ave.
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If you have questions about restoration services, part availability, or anything else on the website you can E-mail: Pete Serio, or Call 258-3500. I do not have any sheet metal or engine parts. I do have a large selection of vintage Hurst shifters, both OEM and replacement, 3 and 4 speed, used, rebuilt, and NOS are now available.



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